How Can I Give My Carpet a Face Lift? Carpet Repair and Cleaning Explained

May 18, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair

Clean carpet in Edmond, OK


The carpets in our homes go through a lot of wear and tear due to various factors. Over time they can get discolored and damaged. Carpet cleaning and carpet repair can be expensive and it can be frustrating and expensive to fix these issues. It can also take a lot of water, use harsh chemicals, and take a long time for the carpet to dry. The good news is that Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond has easy and cost-effective solutions to these problems!


Let’s talk about why Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning method is so effective and how our carpet repair works as well.


Chem-Dry’s Cleaning Process

Why is Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning process so effective? If you’ve ever used club soda to remove stains from your clothing, you’ve seen the power of carbonation in action. We’ve taken that power to a new level with Hot Carbonating Extraction or HCE. 


During this process, millions of tiny bubbles penetrate and dissolve dirt and stains lingering on carpet fibers, propelling leftover dirt and oils to the surface. These contaminants can then be easily extracted from the carpet without having to flood it with water.


The magic of carbonation also eliminates the need for soapy formulas with harsh chemicals to be used to return a carpet to its original clean state. Instead, we rely on a safe, non-toxic solution called The Natural®. 


Unlike products used in traditional steam cleaning, it does not leave behind residual detergents that could negatively affect the integrity of your carpet’s fibers. This process also only takes 1-2 hours to dry versus hot water carpet cleaning. These are some huge advantages to carpet cleaning in Edmond, OK.


Carpet Stain Removal

If you’ve ever spilled something on your carpet, you know how difficult it can be to get that stain out. At Chem-Dry, our professional carpet cleaning services can eliminate or minimize virtually all types of stains.


As part of these specialty stain removal services, our team works with cutting-edge equipment and stain removal products. We can put an end to some of the toughest stains in upholstered furniture, carpets, and rugs. 


You’ll often hear us say, “If we can’t get it out, no one can!” That’s because we know just how powerful our specialty stain removal services are. We’ve seen time and again the magical transformation we can provide for materials that appear to have suffered permanent damage.


Carpet Repair

Carpets can become damaged, have wrinkles, or be loose over time. This happens because the carpet was installed poorly, the area of the carpet has a lot of foot traffic, or the carpet is of poor quality. Fortunately, Chem-Dry has carpet repair services to deal with these issues.


For carpet repair in Edmond, OK, we can deal with seam repairs, threshold repair, carpet and padding re-install, and cutting and plugging. Certified technicians at Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond are trained in stretching and reforming carpets to get rid of any lumps and weird pilings. With specialized tools, we can pull the carpet tight and cut it to fit the room. The carpet’s leveling will be as good as new!


Carpet Cleaning in Edmond, OK

We love to help customers come to love their carpets with our carpet cleaning and carpet repair services. Make sure to get a FREE price quote or request an appointment today!


Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond Carpet Repair is Edmond’s number one carpet cleaning and repair specialist. Contact us today to learn more about our carpet cleaning and carpet repair service in the Edmond, OK area!

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