The Importance of Carpet Cleaning in High Traffic Areas

Nov 9, 2023 | Carbonated Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Repair

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Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond understands that carpeting contributes to the comfort and longevity of your living space. However, carpet requires more consistent upkeep, particularly in high-traffic zones. Neglecting proper maintenance in these areas can result in wear and unevenness and potentially demand premature replacement or repair. Our specialized deep carpet cleaning in Piedmont and the surrounding areas serve as a safeguard for your investment. By revitalizing high-traffic regions, we ensure a uniform and refreshed appearance, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your carpets. Opting for deep carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond is a proactive approach to maintaining the impeccable look of your carpets while substantially extending their durability.

How to Identify High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

The areas that will be considered high-traffic may vary based on your household’s usage patterns and the presence of children and pets. These regions might exhibit indications of wear, like darkened patches, faded pathways, compressed or tangled fibers, or a disparity in color and texture between wall-adjacent zones and the center. If you spot these indicators, it’s likely time to opt for deep carpet cleaning to avert lasting irregularities. Common high-traffic spots in a residence encompass hallways, staircases, areas in front of sofas and beds, spaces by closet entrances, as well as play zones for children and pets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cleans Deeper

High-traffic areas of carpeting in your home don’t have to bear the brunt of wear and tear. A professional carpet cleaning can work wonders in revitalizing their appearance, eliminating the accumulated dirt and grime nestled within the fibers. 

Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond’s cutting-edge Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process stands as a testament to our commitment to restoring overused carpets. Unlike conventional methods, this process employs minimal water, ensuring your carpets dry out in just a matter of hours, rather than days. Additionally, it harnesses the power of carbonation and a detergent-free cleaning solution, steering clear of harsh soaps that may leave behind residue, which can in turn attract more dirt.

For optimal and enduring results, we recommend scheduling deep cleanings for the high-traffic areas of your carpet at least 1-2 times annually. In the intervals between these comprehensive cleanings, make it a practice to vacuum regularly. This routine maintenance not only helps rid the surface of dirt but also aids in upholding an even texture across your carpets. By following these steps, you can ensure that your high-traffic areas not only look fresh and vibrant but also enjoy an extended lifespan. 

Repair Instead of Replace

Over time carpets can become stretched or damaged. Luckily, we offer carpet stretching and repair services to help you restore your carpets without needing to buy all new carpeting. 

Are you ready to learn more about how expert carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of OKC/Edmond can make a difference in high-traffic areas in your house? Discover the power of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process today by calling (405) 771-2009 to get in touch with a one of our talented technicians.

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